Thursday, September 4, 2014

why i do it

When people find out about my crazy student loan repayment schedule, their first question is "How?" (the answer to that can be found here) The unspoken question, the one I can see in their eyes, is "Why?" Why would I take on this accelerated repayment plan when I could just apply for loan forgiveness (this is possible since I work for a public institution)? There are a few reasons.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

choose your own adventure -- month 1: fitness

Ugh. OF COURSE the first month of this link-up that I so badly want to participate in is about fitness. Since clearly I'm a total narcissist (aren't all bloggers?), my first instinct is to say "STOP JUDGING MY SLOTH, OTHER BLOGGERS!!" But then I get over myself and realize that their judginess is well-founded. [Except, obviously, they're not actually judging me. Because they don't really care about my laziness. Ha!]
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