Monday, July 15, 2013

the beginning.

I've been enamored with the idea of starting a blog for awhile now, which is surprising given my general unwillingness to have an online presence. There's something cathartic about writing, though, and doing it in a public forum has a way of making one reflect on one's feelings in a way that private writing doesn't. I've been told by multiple therapists that I have a penchant for catastrophizing, so perhaps this exercise will assist in maintaining some perspective.

Hi. My name is Marcie. I live in Indianapolis with my husband and puppy. I'm a non-practicing lawyer saddled with my fair share of student loan debt. My main impetus behind starting this blog was to give myself an outlet to describe the process of paying all that money back as soon as humanly possible. I have a motive behind the accelerated payoff (aside from the joy that is being debt-free)-- my husband and I have decided not to have kids until the balance is $0, and I'm not getting any younger! Some days this seems like a better idea than others. :)

I'm a knitter. Those of you who are familiar with knitting could tell that by the title of the blog. For those of you who aren't aware, the phrase "on the needles" refers to a knitting project that is still in progress. I consider my life always in progress. I learn things about myself and living life as a grownup seemingly every day. I'm sure my knitting projects will also be featured on this little blog from time to time. Knitting is therapeutic to me, as tangible progress is made for the effort put in. It especially helps on those days when I feel like I'm spinning my wheels at work.

This blog will mainly be an accounting of my day-to-day (probably boring) life. The blogs that I love the most are autobiographical in style, so I seek to emulate that with this venture. I hope you all enjoy what I have to say.


  1. Excited to follow you here!! I wish I could make a similar loan goal but both my husband and I have six figures worth of law school debt. I'm excited since my largest loan is almost in the 5 figure range, LOL! It's the little things ;) That's great for your goal though - baby making is a fun time ;)

  2. Well, in the time that it takes you to pay off your loans, you can get in a lot of baby making practice. If there's one thing I've learned...practice makes perfect and you've seen my kids :)

    1. If my kids are half as perfect as yours, I will have done something right!!!