Monday, July 29, 2013


A couple of weeks ago I started feeling a little nauseous. Not all the time, but at random times throughout the day. Then my period was late. I have an IUD so my odds of getting pregnant are REALLY low; I was confused by not really concerned. My period started, and I was still feeling kindof sick. Then I started to get really weirded out. Oh lord, I thought. I'm having an hysterical pregnancy. This is it. I've really gone 'round the bend now. They're going to have to commit me.

Then I made the mistake of looking on the internet. The internet is where satan lives. If one thinks that one might have something wrong with them, one should NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER look on the internet. In due time, I convinced myself that my IUD had become implanted, that I had PCOS, or that I simply did not ovulate-- all things devastating to someone who wants to have children one day. Fortunately for my mental health, I decided to stop being an idiot and make an appointment at my gyn.

I saw him this morning, and I feel much better about things. I've been going to this guy for as long as I've lived in Indianapolis, and he never fails to put me at ease (despite the fact that I'm a total nutjob). The good news is that this is not uncommon, and it almost certainly does not mean that there's anything wrong with me. We've got a plan to fix things if they don't fix on their own. All is right in the world.

So now I can fully focus on the awesomeness that occurs this week: last Sallie Mae payment. T minus 4 days and counting. This week is going to be great.

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