Tuesday, July 15, 2014

happy blogversary!

I feel like I should have some poignant post for today, given that it's my blogversary. But I've got nothin. So here are some random thoughts:
  • I am loving the July polar vortex-- that can come around anytime it wants to. 
  • I was looking in the mirror yesterday at my ever-growing number of grey hairs, and it occurred to me that I'm only a year younger than my mother was when she got pregnant with me. How is it that my mom was so old and I don't feel very old? When I see people with multiple children I always think that they're so much older than me, when they may not be older than me at all. Also, when did I get to be older than a lot of professional athletes? Age is a funny relative thing.
  • Watching this video made me so happy (and also want to color something)
  • After that video, I fell down the YouTube rabbit hole. Now I really want to try something called "fluid painting."
  • I really need to give this blog a facelift. I need to write an actual "about me" page, and I'd like to have Erin do a blog design. I'm hoping that I win her giveaway!!
Ok, that's enough randomness for a Tuesday. Hope you all have a fantastic day!!

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  1. I think a lot about age. It's a funny thing and interesting to talk about and think about.