Friday, July 25, 2014

thank fsm it's friday

I haven't ever linked up with Amanda for Friday Favorites, but my Bloglovin feed was full of linked-up posts this morning so I'm jumping on the bandwagon. Here are the things that are making me happy this week:
  1. The community of the Internet -- This week has involved a lot of friendship/community-building between me and other bloggers and on the site for crazy TTC women that I've been participating in more and more often. [Although the effect that the latter is having on my sanity is questionable.] It's been really fantastic, because I've been feeling lately that the friends I have locally just don't get me as much or in the same way as I want them to (if that makes any sense). I've decided to say "fuck it" and reach out to bloggers when I see things that remind me of them, and it always ends up going well! New friends are fun!!
    Tracy-- my original blogger crush

    Alison-- my newest blogger crush
  2. The flexibility of my job -- Not only do I have one of those increasingly-rare 40 hour a week jobs, but my boss doesn't care if I work from home or the office, when I come in, when I leave, or any of those other micromanaging things. It's nice to have this part of my life be (relatively) stress-free.
  3. Yarn and knitting -- Received my knitpicks order on Tuesday, which ALWAYS makes me happy!!! I have a lot of toys in the wings to make! Currently working on this freaking adorable giraffe.
  4. source
    I also saw on Instagram yesterday that they're having an additional 10% sale, so of course I had to order more stuff (only a little bit sorry about it). Can't wait for THAT to come in the mail!!!
  5. Three-paycheck months -- technically August is the 3-paycheck month, but I can see it coming soon and that makes me happy!
  6. Student-loan payoffs -- Gonna pay off yet another loan on August 1!! Yeaaaaaah! When that happens, I'll have more loans paid off than I have left :) Seriously, though, the ones I have left are big. Must not let myself be freaked out. The snowball is really cruising now!!
    2/16/10 is getting paid off on August 1! Woo hoo!!
  7. My sister -- she always makes me happy. I can't believe she's started her big girl job. What happened to my baby sister?!
    Me and my baby sister at her 15th birthday party :)
  8. This guy -- even though I had to give him the silent treatment last night (I blame my could-be-pregnancy-could-be-PMS hormones), I still love him more than I can say in words.

What's making you happy this week?

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  1. Three cheers to the blogging community!

    That giraffe is ADORABLE. I'm amazed at crafty people like you who can make these things.

    The loan statuses are awesome - more paid off than left? HOLLER.

  2. Awww, yay! You're totally one of my blogging crushes too! I was just telling another blogger that I have a blog-crush on that sometimes, I wish I could just be like, "OMG, LET'S BE BEST FRIENDS!" but that probably makes me sound creepy and very Single White Female or something equally weird. But I swear, I'm not a creeper and I just like making new friends! Especially ones who knit and are awesome, like you.

    PS - That giraffe is adorable. I'm afraid to knit non-garment items, haha.

  3. what a fabulous list! the blogging community is absolutely the best thing ever. before i started blogging and i would see people say that, i would just roll my eyes, like as if. and now i 100% believe it. so true! also, may i please have that giraffe? pretty please.

  4. Yeah! Thanks so much for linking up! Oh those Stafford loans I know them all too well....

  5. OMG I am blushing over being your "original blogger crush". Silly girl! Every time you post your loans I'm like "Go go go, Marcie!" You are rockin' and rollin' my friend!