Tuesday, January 20, 2015

my tax dollars at work

I actually wasn't planning on writing a blog post today, but I saw this article and it about made me sick. I don't really have any words except to say that I'm really glad that I've significantly cut down the amount of meat in my diet... doing the only thing I can do-- speak with my dollars.

U.S. Research Lab Lets Livestock Suffer in Quest for Profit

What do you think about this? Am I the only one surprised/shocked/dismayed/grossed out?


  1. I will be honest, I couldn't read it all. I got to the picture of the poor little lamb on its own and then the next picture of the lamb and I had to exit out. It is so sad, so disgusting. I am currently doing a vegetarian month, and am really considering continuing once it's up.

  2. I want to read this because I like being informed (and I think it's important and responsible to be so), but I just can't. The headline alone made me sick and then when I started skimming I just had to stop reading :(