Tuesday, April 14, 2015

week 16 bumpdate

It's a good thing this isn't a paying gig, because I would have been fired long ago!

Things are going pretty well over here for me and Baby B. We've officially reached week 16 (baby's the size of a hand grenade), and the anatomy ultrasound has been scheduled for May 7!  I've finally stopped puking, I can eat again, and in the MOST exciting news, I can feel the baby moving!! It took me a couple of days to believe it, since I wasn't expecting to feel anything for like another month, but there's no denying it. It'll still probably be at least a couple more weeks before C will be able to feel anything from the outside, so for now these little movements are all mine ;)

I still go back and forth on whether I think that I'm "showing." I started out with quite the layer of belly fat to begin with, so things don't really look much different to me. C says that he can tell though. I think part of it is that I can no longer really suck it in anymore, so I appear bigger. My high-waisted pants still fit, but anything with a lower rise cannot be buttoned. I'm also rapidly running out of shirts, as they seem to be shrinking. I'm still below my pre-pregnancy weight (thanks puking), but I can tell that my midsection is... rearranging itself.

Week 14-- there ain't no baby in there. that's just fat.
It also occurred to me that I never shared Baby B's first picture with you! Well here you are-- this was 7 weeks ago (back when baby was the size of an olive).

Such a photogenic olive <3

In other exciting news, I'll be paying off yet another student loan next month! That will leave me with just 2 to go. I should pay off the next one in September (the two remaining loans are the largest ones) before Baby gets here. That leaves one left, which should be gone in December. AND THAT'S IT! It's hard to believe that the end is so near... I've been working on it for so long! C and I are about to undertake some major life changes though (above and beyond Baby B's arrival--more to come on that), so that last one may not get paid off right on time. That's ok, it'll still be a huge victory when it gets done.


  1. ooooooh life changes!! and hey i;ve seen that photo ;) i disagree with the bump pic, it totally looks like a bump!! yay baby B!!! you should name it Olive. haha! seriously though, congrats on your student loan achievements - you're amazing!!

  2. Love the first picture of Baby! What a fun time :) and congrats on the student loans- it is my LEAST favorite day of every month when I pay mine off :)

  3. I missed the announcement. Congratulations!!

  4. Um there is TOTALLY a baby in there. You look so great and happy! Baby and end of your student loans, exciting times!

  5. Congrats on the BABY and on those student loans! Knowing the end date is so near feels so awesome :)