Monday, June 23, 2014


I'm late to this party (it seems that I'm late to every party), but I'm going to attempt this 100 Happy Days challenge. I think it'll be good for me in a lot of ways:

  1. It'll get me posting to Instagram more regularly
  2. It will (hopefully) make me better about focusing on/remembering all the good things that happen in my day-to-day life. It's so easy to focus on the negatives.
  3. As I transition into officially TTC, I'll probably have my share of "BFN" days (both literally and figuratively). This should help keep me from ruminating on small setbacks.
Also, apparently if you finish the entire challenge, they send you a little book with your pictures in it! How cute! So here I go... today's Day 1! :)


  1. Whoo hooo! I was thinking of starting this on 7/1, also so I can use Instagram more. We can be #100happydays buddies!

  2. Oh, they send you a book? I should totally do this. Do you sign up for it or you just start it?

  3. I was definitely sold when I read that you get a book....and THEN I was like I should pick a date for it to end on and count backward...and THEN I was like my birthday is in 3ish months, I should start whenever it's 100 days from my birthday...and THEN I found out that my birthday is 100 days from TODAY! How cool is that?! Good thing you didn't post this tomorrow, I would have been kind of pissed at you tbh ;)

  4. This is so cool! I have seen people's posts on facebook but I never really knew what it was. I will join you in posting my happy pics to Instagram!

  5. I want a book! I should do this too! Though, there would probably be 60 cat pictures, 30 food pictures, and 10 other random pics in mine. Going to follow you on IG now :)