Monday, September 23, 2013

09.23.13 -- weigh-in

Happy beginning of fall, everyone! It's a wonderful type of chilly here. Today's weigh-in day, so here goes:

Start (08.17.13): 199 lbs.
Week 1 (08.24.13): 196.5 lbs.

Week 2 (09.02.13): 198 lbs.
Week 3 (09.09.13): 198.5 lbs.

Week 4 (09.16.13): 195.5 lbs.
Week 5 (09.23.13): 195.5 lbs.

I guess staying the same is better than gaining? That's really the only way I can be optimistic about this today. It's becoming clear to me that I'm going to have to actively try to lose weight, and I just don't want to. Sigh. We'll see.

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