Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Yeah, so we've already discussed how I'm not very patient. I had another impatient moment this weekend.

I've been eyeing this furniture from IKEA for the nursery. My plan is not to make it a "nursery," as such, but to make it a nice bedroom with room for a crib when that time comes. Gender-neutral: grey and green with white furniture. I think it will look good. Anyway, I've had this furniture picked out for a couple of months now, and last week I got an email from IKEA saying that the dresser I wanted was on sale-- $50 off.

The daybed can also turn into a double bed if necessary. How cool?!

There was lots of hemming and hawing on my part. Do I get it? Do I wait? Then I had decided I was going to order the 3 pieces online (dresser, bed, and mattress); when I got to the checkout, I realized that the discount was only available in stores. GRRR!!! So Saturday morning, while C was out on a motorcycle ride, I drove down to Cincinnati first thing. I managed not to gawk at too many things while I was there (knowing that I'm going again in a month helped), which was a plus. I went downstairs and picked all the pieces up with the help of a nice IKEA employee and a man who was probably too old to be helping me with a 100 lb. box, but oh well. Checked out ($825-- ouch! not so good for The Year of Austerity), and then it was time to begin the Tetris game of filling my CR-V with all this crap.

Lord was it hot. Add to that the fact that I hadn't had much for breakfast, and my vasovagal syncope was in full force. I managed to drive my car out of the loading zone and into the parking lot, where I laid across the front seats with the A/C blasting until I felt better. I sit up, and I realize that the guy who helped me load everything had the mattress shoved WAY too far forward, so I couldn't see my passenger side mirror-- a problem when you have to drive 2 hours home. So I get out and try to rearrange things. I ended up having to take a couple of things out and moving the rest all around, once again depending on the kindness of strangers to help me. With the problem solved, it was time to lay down in the front seat again. Seriously, it was HOT. Once I felt better I drove home without incident.

Now the furniture is in the garage, waiting for the room to be finished so we can put it together. The wall is getting fixed this morning though. Hooray!!

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