Sunday, August 25, 2013

and so it begins

I've been a little quiet here lately-- mostly because there's nothing really to report. Things have been going along smoothly, and I've been patiently waiting to hear whether or not I have something to be excited about.

C and I have been discussing the baby timeline pretty seriously over the past month or so. It's clear that I want the timeline to move as quickly as possible, so we've been discussing strategies to make that happen. At the end of that conversation, C asked me to give him until this weekend to decide if he was on board. After all, an accelerated repayment for anything is going to be a significantly greater sacrifice for him than it is for me, seeing as how all of my income goes toward that anyway.

This past week we've been practicing what we've deemed The Year of Austerity. Like I said, not a whole lot of sacrifice on my part. However, I did have to go grocery shopping at Walmart today. Now THAT is a sacrifice! I'm almost ashamed to admit that my total at the end was very close to half of what I usually spend at our regular grocery store. (I think I was hoping that the total would be closer, so it wouldn't be worth it for me to go there. Alas.)

Upon returning home, I asked him if he had made a decision. He said that he was ready to go for it. THIS IS EXCITING NEWS! It basically pushes up our timeline a whole year, which is so exciting for me :) Of course, there are still LOTS of things to be done before a baby comes, or even before I get pregnant. That just means more things to plan.

First thing on my list? This: