Monday, August 26, 2013


So The Year of Austerity isn't only going to be about money; it's going to be about food. The truth is, I eat way too much and I weigh way too much to be getting pregnant. Before law school, I was much thinner. Well, I may have been artificially thin when I started law school because of all the drama of the preceding summer. But seriously, look how thin:

Size 6. SIX!
Dead eyes

During law school, I put on weight steadily. A combination of stress, having class during "dinner time," and having time to eat nothing but fast food will do that to you. Oh, and the booze. Not exactly low-cal.

April 2010 (fatter but happier)

August 2011 (note the hide-the-stomach pose)
April 2012 (is there a baby in that belly?)

August 2013 (and HOW CUTE is that little guy??)

In those pictures at the beginning of the post, I weighed about 140 lbs. That's a good weight for someone my height (5'5"). In this last picture, I weighed about 200 lbs (which isn't even my peak weight, thanks to the nausea). That is WAY more fat than someone my size should be carrying around, and it needs to go away. I want to go into a pregnancy healthy. I also want to wear all the cute clothes I bought as retail therapy when my ex left me! (Seriously, this post needed some levity.)

So my goal is to lose a pound a week over the next year. The Year of Austerity means my eating habits need to be austere as well. No more pasta binges or late night pizza. I'm trusting you, blog readers, to keep me accountable. I'll post updates to this goal as well as my student loan goals. We'll keep track together. I'm off to a good start thus far!

August 17, 2013: 199 lbs.
August 24, 2013: 196.5 lbs.


  1. I would love to help with accountability. Everyone could use a little help, including myself. We can encourage each other!! This coming year and the year after (and many more) are going to be pretty great!!!

  2. I'm down to help too! You can do it sister and then we can be prego buddies! :)