Thursday, August 29, 2013

humble pie

So apparently my debt snowball plan isn't going to work out EXACTLY as I'd hoped. When I paid off that loan on Monday, I thought it was going to satisfy my minimum payment. Not so much. When I logged in yesterday to see if my payment had posted, I was greeted with this:


So not only was I annoyed, I was in BIG TROUBLE MISTER. I don't get paid until Friday, and I have about $400 in my bank account right now. Not gonna cover it.

So I did something that I never thought I'd do-- I went home and asked C for the money. Man that was not fun. I know, I know. We're married and in this together and all that hokey crap. The fact remains that I didn't like having to go to him and saying "I messed up and I need you to fix it." He was, of course, completely not bothered by having to make the payment for me. (That almost made me feel worse, but that's my issue, not his.) So, yeah. All is well in the world now, although I have been taken down a notch.

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