Wednesday, September 18, 2013


I wouldn't call myself a yo-yo dieter... well, maybe I would. I've started to lose weight more times than I can explain to you. It always follows a predictable pattern: lose a lot, gain some back, lose a little more, then move into starvation mode.

Let me stop you right there. I am NOT starving myself. Far from it. I'm not even counting calories or anything, so I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing even counts as dieting. However, the human body is just not made to lose weight. It's not evolutionarily adaptive. Our ancestors never had to worry about being overweight, so during a time when less food is coming in, the body automatically tries to hold on to all those pounds as tightly as it can. Who knows when you'll kill the next wooly mammoth to eat?

My starvation mode moves into my dreams. About this time in the weight-loss cycle, I start dreaming about food. It started last night: I had a dream about McDonald's. Man was it delicious. Chicken McNuggets and apple slices (after all, I am trying to be healthy!). I really want some McDonald's today... I shan't, though. I've been good lately. I've also been doing a good job of pedaling at work. Go me!

Starvation mode also makes me sleepy. Never am I more aware that food is energy than when I diet. When I eat less, I get crazy tired. I really may fall asleep at my desk today, despite the fact that I've been sleeping >8 hours/night every night this week. It'll pass, but for now, I'm just sleepy.

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