Thursday, September 12, 2013

hold the phone

Although I'm not pregnant and I don't have any children, I'm still absolutely obsessed with Zulily. It's really kindof a problem. I'm reasonably good at not actually buying anything, but not because of any superhuman power that I have. Most of the time I absolutely do not need whatever I'm lusting after, and their shipping... oh their shipping. First of all, you have to pay for it. Second of all, it's SOOOO SLOOOOOW. However, I keep looking like a junkie looks for a fix. I did finally get rid of the daily emails and the app on my iPad because the temptation was just too much. Now I only look on there when I think about it (which is significantly less often than it used to be).

So we're getting the nursery front bedroom all renovated, right? Well, while C and I were discussing plans for said room, he suggested buying carpet tiles from Flor for the room. He bought them for his house in the 'hood, and really liked them. So I can be on board with this. If C says it's nice stuff, then it's nice stuff. He's kindof snobby. Well last weekend when I was ripping out the tack strips from the old carpet in that bedroom, we started really talking about the floor in there. It was a bit more expensive than he remembered it being, and we still have a lot of the bamboo floor left over from flooring the rest of the house. So we decided that the best (most fiscally responsible) course of action would be to put down the extra bamboo flooring and then just get an area rug for the center of the room. Ok fine. I'm cool with this plan. I found a rug at IKEA that I love. It's pretty expensive though. Like, more expensive than I think it should be. But ok. It can stay on my wishlist until I want/need to purchase it. That's fine.

I'm sure you're wondering what all of this has to do with Zulily. Well since I found that rug at IKEA, I've been looking at Zulily every couple of days to see if they have any rugs for sale that I like. They have rug events on a relatively regular basis. Well today there was a new event that about made me fall out of my chair: Flor. I mean, stop it right now. They're only selling rugs, but that's ok. I could get a bigger rug out of the carpet we wanted to buy originally for cheaper than the IKEA rug! Woo boy when I get home and talk to C...

Do I need this? I think yes :)

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