Thursday, September 5, 2013


So C and I moved into our house a year ago on Labor Day weekend. We almost immediately started renovating it, so a lot of our stuff stayed in boxes for longer than I would have liked. I'm one of those people that when you move, stuff gets unpacked right away, so the fact that I was physically unable to unpack (because we had no kitchen, etc.) made me crazy.

The kitchen got done about 6 months ago, and unpacking those boxes (and not washing the dishes in the bathtub anymore) made me feel so good. There have been a few lingering boxes though. Mostly home office stuff from when C used to work from home more often. These boxes are in the room that is going to become the nursery. The room that I desperately want to paint. So they've got to go.

My boys and an embarrasingly full room
Last night I unpacked all the boxes and threw them away. Hooray! There's still stuff in there on the floor that needs to find a home, but at least there's no more boxes. Gonna work some more tonight on getting everything out of there, and then I'll be closer to painting time!!!! :)

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