Wednesday, April 23, 2014

reasons i'm a terrible blogger

Linking up with Kathy for Humpday Confessions!

Apparently blogging is a very serious thing and there are rules. Obviously I suck at things with rules, so therefore I pretty much suck as a blogger. C'est la vie. Here are some reasons I'm a terrible blogger.
  • I hardly ever have pictures in my posts. I've never been good at remembering to take pictures of things, and blogging has not changed my habits on this.
  • I don't do link-ups if I don't feel like it/don't like the subject. I know they're a good way to promote your blog and all that crap, but ain't nobody got time for being disingenuous.

  • I don't have posts scheduled. This blog, for me, is mostly a place for me to write down my random musings and insignificant life crises. This is never going to be the blog where you learn how to organize your life, decorate your house, or... really learn how to do anything at all. :)
  • In the same vein, if I don't feel like posting for a few days, I just don't. I feel marginally guilty about it and like I may lose all 7 of my followers, but whatever. If I'm just writing because I feel like I have to, the post(s) will suck and no one will want to read them anyway.
  • I don't respond to comments as much as I should. I love receiving them, but for some reason I feel awkward responding. (Am I the only one who feels this way?)
  • I hardly ever know how to end posts. (This one included)


  1. there aren't any rules to blogging :) you blog when you want and how you want!!

    thanks for linking up this week.

    Vodka and Soda

  2. Girl follow your own rules! I probably have one half a picture of myself on my blog! Do you! And I also dont join link ups just for joining them. I only join the ones I actually will have fun writing!

  3. I took a break for about a year from blogging because it became more like a job then fun (which is why I started it). I definitely thought long & hard before returning because I too don't post everyday, NEVER remember to take pictures of ANYTHING, & suck at keeping up with the trends of cool posts. Sometimes I flat out have nothing to write about because my life has been blissfully boring. I joined the blogging world again after moving to Texas from Illinois & leaving all my friends & family behind. I started blogging again to help keep my family updated on my happenings. I blog for myself, but mostly for everyone back at home. Don't let the "perfect" blogs get ya down. Just keep focus of why you blog for you. & it's okay to feel awkward to respond back to comments especially if all you're going to say is a simple "Thank you". I feel the same way too sometimes.

  4. Your blog. Your rules! :D I think your blog should be a space for you to have complete control over. So if you don't feel like blogging one day or you forgot to take a picture, so what. Do what you want. :D