Monday, May 19, 2014

screen-free week -- the end

Here are the results from Screen-Free Week. Not great, but not terrible either. Not sure that I'll ever do it again (at least not for a whole week), but it was a good experience.

day 1 (Sunday): B+
  • No news.
  • iPad off and in the nightstand drawer.
  • Sent 2 texts (replies).
  • Read 2 books.
  • Took a 4-hour nap.
  • Couldn't sleep, so watched 1 episode of House while knitting.
  • Became paranoid about chest pain so got out the iPad and googled.
day 2 (Monday): C
  • Watched morning news before leaving for work.
  • No killing time in the ER on my phone.
  • Worked in front of the computer all day at work.
  • Checked Instagram to see if my friend Jayne posted any pictures of her brand new baby (she hadn't).
  • Finished book number 3 and started on a 4th.
  • Used my iPad in bed to try to figure out how to sleep through the chest pain (also a fail, although I did eventually pass out).
 day 3 (Tuesday): A-
  • Morning news (mostly weather)
  • Computer at work, although I didn't take it to a meeting, which was a step in the right direction!
  • Used the desktop at home shortly after work to print off a shipping label for one of my eBay auctions that sold (hooray!), but other than that, no screen!!
day 4 (Wednesday): B
  • I'm really starting to get tired of screen-free week. Seriously, a week is a long time.
  • Watched the morning news again. Decided that I don't feel bad about that, since it's not mindless and it's not keeping me from doing anything that I should be doing instead. 
  • Ditto for hanging out with my sister in the evening and looking for apartments online. #sorrynotsorry
day 5 (Thursday): D
  • Didn't even watch the news today. Running late to work means eating breakfast while standing at the kitchen counter.
  • Upon arriving home, however, it was ass in front of the computer. Getting shipping ready for the eBay auctions that sold and coordinating buying a couch from Craigslist. [It ended up in disaster, btw. Don't ask.]
  • After picking up part of the couch (I'm gonna need C to help me with the rest), I sat in the recliner and watched House and knitted. C was working late, and I just wanted to zone out.
day 6 (Friday): D+
  • Is this week ever going to be over? My resolve is waning, thus making me feel more and more like a failure.
  • Watched the news and some TV with C after work. It was a lovely, relaxing evening.
day 7 (Saturday, aka the day that I officially gave up): F
Like I said, it was a good experience, but never again for a whole week. Have you ever done anything like this?


  1. Wow, I admire you for even trying! I was thinking, "It couldn't be THAT hard, right?" and then the more and more you laid it out I was like ,"Oh damn...yes, yes it could." I could definitely cut back on my screen time but I don't think I could give it up completely, even for a week.

  2. I've consciously put my phone down and unconsciously avoided TV, but never for a week. I really think you did pretty good! It sounds really hard.

  3. My Dell-lilah desk top died after 6 years. I have my iphone, but not the same. My fairy Godsister, Lori, had given us her little Samsung laptop, thank Goddess! I need my harddrive saved still. More pros than cons to the internet IMO,Good Lord- Huff Post found my Stephanie via screentime. Good to try, though!
    Love SMD's MOMMA