Thursday, May 8, 2014

screen-free week

So yesterday I was in a staff meeting and one of my coworkers mentioned that she had gotten a note from her daughter's daycare saying that it was "Screen-Free Week" and to please eliminate their kids' screen time for the week. She was really pretty indignant about it, but I was intrigued. Apparently, this is an actual thing, not just something at her daycare.

Clearly I have missed the boat for May 5-11, but I would like to make next week a screen-free week for me. I've talked before about my issues with my iPad addiction and my desire to get a little less screen time in my life. I haven't been very good at putting that into practice, though.

So next week is it! I'll actually read all those books that I got from the library. No TV, no iPad, no being on the phone unless someone is calling or texting. I'd like to say no computer either, but I'd probably get fired ;) Still! No computer at home! Just me, my books, my hammock, my husband, and my puppy. Actually, it sounds like a pretty nice week.

Let's just hope I can actually do it.


  1. That sounds like a great idea! We really haven't had the TV on much in our house in the past month. And I'm pretty good about not using the laptop at home except for Sundays when I do my blog stuff. To put the phone down more, that's a good goal for me.

    Good luck!

  2. No screens is a great idea and one that has so much merit. Live life people do not post it! Great blog.