Wednesday, May 7, 2014

spring cleaning

We've already established that I'm crazy and working on creating a room for a baby that's not even conceived yet. This is yet another installment of the crazy. Feel free to shake your head and move on if you want. :)

The next job was to clean out the closet. The closet in that bedroom was full (and I mean full) of clothes that I can't fit into anymore (BUT I WILL SOMEDAY! Yeah, you know the ones.). Fortunately for my baby sister, a lot of them were her size. She came up a couple of weeks ago and took everything she wanted, so she's all set for her big girl job.

There was still a good chunk of stuff left. Most of it is going to Goodwill, but I'm going to try to sell some of it on eBay. Let's be real, this girl needs some money. This, of course, is all well and good, except for that selling shit on eBay is a pain in the ass. Photos, descriptions, dealing with people's stupid questions... Alas, working for the money is never fun, so I shall suck it up. I actually have a pretty decent cache of stuff, so hopefully that cache will turn into some cash! And if not, then that's just more that will go to Goodwill.

Here's the thing, though. I felt SO GOOD after cleaning out that closet, that now I want to purge everything in the house. I want to sell my duplicate living room furniture, the giant queen-sized bed frame that's in the guest room (and WAY too big for that room, btw), and the couch/loveseat in our living room and buy a sectional. Oh, and move the desk from the living room into the guest room. Seriously, my house is freaking me out. I also really want to sell my treadmill, but it's not really the time of year for that.

Anyway, what are your thoughts? Have I completely gone 'round the bend? Do you know anyone in the Indianapolis area who might be in the market for some really nice furniture? :)


  1. I freaking love getting rid of stuff. Truly.

  2. If I have in every time I wanted to purge my crap, I'd have nothing left in my house. I love getting rid of stuff, and I love getting money for said stuff even more!