Sunday, January 26, 2014

a room for baby b

People think I'm crazy for creating a nursery for a not-yet-conceived child, but I disagree (obviously). I mean, sure, the room will eventually house a tiny child (who will turn into a bigger child), but the work that we're doing right now is just turning it into a functional guest room. Renovating this house has been a big, seemingly neverending, undertaking, so we're not going to do any improvements that don't fit the way that we're going to use this house for the long-term. I wanted to have a regular-sized bed in the baby's room so I could sleep there if I needed to, so I bought this bed from IKEA.

Since the door was too narrow to fit the finished bed through, I had to wait until the room was at least mostly done and assemble it in situ. So that's what I did this weekend! The ceiling still needs to be painted, but I couldn't wait any longer. Here's the timeline in photos:

Boxes unpacked
I got the trundle part done on Saturday. This was the beginning of day 2.
Full-size bed!
Twin-size bed!
Mattress! And pillows! And blankies!
All finished. Love it.


  1. That bed is so cute! My husband and I love the Hemnes line from Ikea! We have it in our bedroom and living room.

    1. We have the long dresser in our dining room! I originally bought it for the baby's room, but now I think it's too big. Plus we really love having a sideboard in there, so I believe there it shall stay! :)