Thursday, January 2, 2014

the elusive runner's high

Let's just start by saying that if I had done yesterday's run on NYE, I would not have signed up for the marathon.

I've heard it exists, this thing they call the runner's high. Even someone I know personally has said it exists. I'm still looking for it, though. Sure, I have days where running sucks less than others, but I've never had a time where I'm running and saying to myself "This is the most wonderful, awesome thing I've ever done."

Yesterday, I ran 7 miles-- an all-time record for me! And, since it was 40 degrees out, I did it outside. Running outside is always harder for me than it is on the treadmill, but I'm starting to get into the mileage that can't be done on the treadmill without losing one's sanity. Also, this marathon isn't going to be on a treadmill either, so I need to get my ass outside and on the pavement.

I didn't really have a distance goal when I headed out. My training schedule said it was just a 30-min-run day, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to do a long run since I skipped my long run on Sunday. So I started at the Indianapolis Art Center and headed north. At first I thought I'd turn around at 86th Street, which would have given me a little over 4 miles, but I was thirsty. Yes, I know that makes no sense as a reason that I would go farther, but I know that there's a spot with a bathroom and water fountains at 96th Street, so I decided to keep going until I got up there. [That maybe wasn't the best idea, because this is the point where I mentally started to break down.] When I reached the oasis, I learned that they had turned off the water fountains for the winter. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

So now I had gone more than 2 miles out of my way for nothing... and I still had to head back. Ugh. About halfway back, I stopped sweating (never a good sign). My face felt like the shores of the dead sea-- a layer of salt. I quit running at 7 miles, and walked the rest of the .3 miles back to my car. Upon arriving, I laid the seats down flat (minivan ftw) and rested while I gulped water. After some water, I decided that I really didn't feel as bad as I thought I would, so I drove home.

My route up the Monon Trail.
Into the shower with a Gatorade when I got home in an effort to regulate my body temperature. It was cold outside, and I had been sweating. Brr! I felt cold but ok when I got out. However, after laying on the couch for a couple of minutes, I had a repeat of my first Couch-to-5K day. Ugh. Puking is the worst!

Life lesson? Take water-- don't be lazy. My Camelbak is my friend. And as my husband's friend (who used to work in the pit crew for an IndyCar team) says, "You never know how fast you can go unless you hit the wall once in awhile."

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