Monday, January 13, 2014

gettin my eyeballs did

On Friday, I had LASIK! Not gonna lie, I was super nervous. Thanks to my vasovagal syncope, these sorts of things tend to end up with me prone on the floor, wishing I were dead. I had faith that I could power through, and I just hoped that my faith was not unfounded.

Me, the night before the surgery

The surgery actually went really well. It was mercifully short, albeit pretty uncomfortable. All the staff did a really good job of (attempting to) calming me down. I suppose having freaked out people is not at all uncommon ;) C was a trooper, taking me to my appointment and taking me home again, and then working from home the rest of the day in case I needed anything. Upon arriving home, I put on the awesome goggles and attempted to take a nap as instructed. I couldn't sleep though, because my entire face felt like it was on fire. My eyes were watering something fierce, and the inside of my nose was burning. I got up and took some Advil, and as soon as that kicked in I was able to sleep. Ahh, blissful sleep. Upon waking, I looked like this:

Good morning (afternoon), friends
My eyes were really light-sensitive that first day, so I wore the Ray Charles sunglasses they gave me all day. The next day, I was able to drive myself to my follow-up appointment no problem, despite the fact that it was still kindof dark and definitely foggy outside. 20/20 vision, and everything looked good! I could manage without the sunglasses on Saturday, but I wore an awesome pair of C's safety glasses all day. I'm an eye rubber, and I also wanted to be extra careful around Grover. He's a notorious head-butter.

Bruises. So gross. Fortunately, my upper eyelids obscure them most of the time.
I feel a little unique in the fact that I'm not completely overwhelmed by the coolest part of it all: I can SEE. Since I wore my contacts 24/7, I never experienced the "I can't see when I wake up" and stuff like that. Every once in awhile though, I remember that I'm not wearing my contacts, and then it hits me like woah. And I really can see awesomely. The eye drops are super annoying (and boy do they taste bad), but only temporary.

As a side note, last night I put in my bedtime dose of eye drops (steroids and antibiotics) right before reading the end of The Fault in our Stars. Terrible idea. I ugly-cried all those antibiotics right out. After I finished the book, I reapplied the antibiotics, but there's a life lesson somewhere in there. :) I'm not sure what it is exactly, but I think it's "Read The Fault in our Stars, but not concurrently with administering important, so-you-don't-go-blind eyedrops." :)

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