Thursday, January 23, 2014


Today is rough, y'all. I am not feeling even a little bit motivated to do any work, and I'm not the only one in my tiny world to be feeling this way. Seems like everyone around me is on the cranky, I-don't-wanna bus today. So instead of working, I've been wandering the internet, thinking about running, thinking about babies, just thinking.

I'm already starting to feel anxious about my goal of the marathon this year. A marathon is a really long way for anyone, but especially for a noob like me. And if all goes as I hope, I'll be 4 months pregnant on race day. Am I completely unhinged? What makes me even fathom I can do this?

So I went out in search of some inspiration/motivation/reassurance. I went to the MM website to find the video of the course, which is what really inspired me to sign up. I clicked over to watch it on youtube, and one of the sidebar videos was this gem. It really is inspiring to me, and I feel better just having watched it. So now I shall share it with you. Enjoy.

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