Tuesday, January 28, 2014

no-spend january -- the results

Since I buy everything on my credit card and pay it off at the end of the month, my no-spend January actually lasted from December 27-January 26. I did pretty well, actually!

The only non-approved expenses were:
  • $9.76 to Amazon for an iPhone charging cord (for the new car)
  • $57.17 to Amazon for my foam roller, Bodyglide, and in-race fuel (read: gummy bears)

  • Honestly, I don't think that's too bad! And I really have learned something from this experience, I think. Although it's not realistic to have every month be a "no-spend" month, it was good for me to be more mindful of my purchases. Especially with online shopping, hitting the "Place Your Order" button is WAYYY too fast and easy. Even if it's just keeping things in my shopping cart for a few days to ensure I actually want/need them before purchasing, any and all awareness is good.

    So, friends, how did your no-spend Januarys go?

    Love, Fun and Football


    1. Looks pretty good! And I imagine doing this in January will help cut your spending for many months to come :) I imagine you are pretty proud! Nice work!!

    2. Only 2 non-approved expenses?! Seriously impressive! My month didn't go as well as I'd hoped, but I had a lot going on this month and should have realized that it wasn't going to be the frugal month I was hoping for. I already have my sights on next month though, which should be more low-key (and therefore less expensive)!

    3. I think you did SO great, girl!!! And the things you did 'splurge' on were still reasonable and things that you'll use all the time/need. We had a couple slip-ups, our biggest weakness is eating out when nothing in the house sounds good... but overall not too bad. I'll have full info Tues!

    4. Great job! My goal is always to be more mindful of what I'm buying - what I need vs. what I want, etc.

      Thanks for linking up!

    5. It definitely made me more mindful! My Amazon wishlist got bigger but I luckily didn't buy anything- itching to replace my broken Kindle though!!

    6. I really enjoy seeing where my every dollar goes when I participate in something like this. Last time I didn't do a budget and this year I did feel like I could have a little more leeway with my money instead of just not spending. You did great. That's such a small list for those 30 days!