Tuesday, December 31, 2013

standing on the precipice

Well, folks, it's New Year's Eve. The day when Champagne is drunk, people are kissed, and resolutions are made. I've never really been a New Year's resolution sort of person. I figure, my goals are my goals, whether I make them on January 1st or September 20th. One thing that my wonderful husband has taught me, however, is that writing your goals down makes you more likely to achieve them. So I figured it would be a good idea to write down ALL of my current goals in one place, so I can refer back to them throughout my process of achieving them.

Marcie's Non-New-Year Resolutions:

  1. Get knocked up-- only 7 more months until we can start trying!
  2. Pay off my student loans before a baby comes-- the earliest any baby would come (assuming it's full-term) would be April of 2015. In order to have my student loans paid off by then, I'm going to need to pay $2809.50 per month. Umm... that'll be a problem, considering that would be ALL of my take-home pay for the next 16 months, but it highlights to me that I need to do a better job of watching my spending and putting every last penny I can toward those loans. My no-spend January will hopefully be a good start!
  3. FINALLY learn French-- I've been talking about it for years, but I've finally purchased Rosetta Stone, so now I have money invested. I'm not going to disappoint myself! (Plus, if I get to be totally awesome, I can make my kid bilingual!)
  4. Finish a mini and a marathon-- only a few more hours left until I can sign up for the Monumental Marathon! People think I'm nuts even entertaining the idea of doing it while pregnant, so we'll see. :)
  5. Enjoy my husband more-- he and I are really fabulous together, and it only takes a little bit of time before I start taking that for granted. It's only going to be harder as we grow our family for me to take the time out to show how much he means to me, so it'll be good for me to start making an active effort to show him.
  6. Stick with running and continue to get healthy for baby-- I will never regret it.
  7. Knit some things for myself-- almost everything I knit goes out the door to others. While I LOVE making stuff for other people, I should keep some of that goodness for myself!
  8. Make a concerted effort to see my sister more often when she moves far away for her fancy-pants job-- she's my only sister, and she's not going to get rid of me that easily! ;)
I think that's it. Wish me luck! Happy New Year, everyone!

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  1. Awesome goals!!! Can't wait to see you achieve them! Happy 2014!