Thursday, December 19, 2013

an atheist's view on christmas

On my way to work this morning, a car in front of me had one of these magnets on it, and it inspired me to write a post on my thoughts about Christmas.

I am often accused of being a Scrooge when it comes to Christmas, because I don't celebrate Christmas. I understand that it's a season of joy and light and family, and for a lot of people it doesn't really have many or any religious connotations. I know intellectually that it is not an inherently Christian holiday. That doesn't stop me from feeling that Christmas IS a Christian holiday.

C and I were both brought up in church-going households, and so we have trouble separating the religious holiday from the secular celebration. As people who are secure in who we are and what we believe, it doesn't really bother us that we don't celebrate Christmas like 96% of Americans do. [Side note: seriously? 96%? That seems ridiculously high.] For some reason, it seems to bother others a lot... but I digress.

I don't boycott Christmas or anything. I go to my parents' house and exchange gifts with them and my sister. I don't judge or begrudge people who do celebrate Christmas. I just don't see the need to celebrate it myself. I don't put up a tree, I don't play Christmas music, and I don't decorate my house. C and I do not exchange gifts. We won't be buying the puppy any Christmas presents, and, when the time comes, we won't be buying our kids any Christmas presents. (There will be no stopping our extended family, but c'est la vie. There are fights worth having, and this is not one of them.)

So that's where I come from on Christmas. Try not to be too sad that you'll never see beautiful/heartwarming photos of my decorated house or Christmas card pictures. Let's be real, I'm not creative enough for all that anyway. :)

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