Wednesday, December 11, 2013

i. love. kettlebell.

Last night was my third kettlebell class at Indy Downtown Boot Camp. I really hope that soon I stop feeling too sore to go more than once a week, because I really love it. Nothing makes you feel like a badass like swinging around a kettlebell.

On my first day of class, there was a girl. And let me tell you, I've never seen a badass (in real life) quite like this girl. I mean, she could do actual lunges. Like, the way you're supposed to. With knees and hips at right angles and such. And squats with her thighs parallel to the ground! All while holding a 30 lb kettlebell. This girl is my hero. Well last night when class was over, she turned to me (we were next to each other during class) and said "Good job tonight. That was really hard!" Of course, that made me feel totally awesome.

I really hope I can continue to afford to go to classes after this intro package that I bought runs out. Cross your fingers!!

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