Monday, December 16, 2013

12.16.13 -- weigh-in

Apathy is starting to creep in...

Start (08.17.13): 199 lbs.
Week 1 (08.24.13): 196.5 lbs.

Week 2 (09.02.13): 198 lbs.
Week 3 (09.09.13): 198.5 lbs.

Week 4 (09.16.13): 195.5 lbs.
Week 5 (09.23.13): 195.5 lbs.
Week 6 (09.30.13): 196.5 lbs.
Week 7 (10.07.13): 193.5 lbs.
Week 8 (10.14.13): 192 lbs.
Week 9 (10.21.13): 192.5 lbs.
Week 10 (10.28.13): 193 lbs.
Week 11 (11.04.13): no weigh-in (sick)
Week 12 (11.11.13): 192 lbs.
Week 13 (11.18.13): 190.5 lbs.
Week 14 (11.25.13): 188.5 lbs.
Week 15 (12.02.13): 188.5 lbs.
Week 16 (12.09.13): 189 lbs.
Week 17 (12.16.13): 188 lbs.

I'm still wondering if I'm focusing on the right thing. Well, let me rephrase. I know I'm not focusing on the right thing with this 52-pounds thing. The thing is, I've actually already stopped focusing on that. The whole point of this was to get healthy for baby, and I'm doing that. Whether or not the weight comes off (it will, eventually) is only secondary to the main goal. From here on out, my Monday morning posts are going to be about how my training is going. To start it off, here's how last week went:

For the first time, I was able to go to kettlebell on Thursday! Hooray!! Before, I'd been too sore from Tuesday's class to even think about going, so this was a big deal. I did end up being too sore to go to Saturday's class, but that's ok. 2 days is better than 1 day! I did my weekly runs last week, but totally failed at yesterday's 4-miler. I'm full of excuses for why this happened: I ate a big dinner, C was mopping the floor (with smelly cleaner) at the same time, I was attempting to read a book while running (vom-inducing). The fact remains that I failed though. I did make it to nearly half an hour though, so my plan is to count that as tonight's run, and then do the 4 miles tonight after work. That should count as absolution of my failure. :) Wish me luck!

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