Friday, December 6, 2013

attitude is everything

As discussed previously, C and I bought some new appliances while they were on Black Friday sale. [As a side note, we saved a GIANT amount doing that. It was pretty much like buy 2, get 1 free.] Well, I got a phone call yesterday saying that they were ready to be delivered!! Yay!!

I told C, and he was equally (ok, less) excited. Last night, we started making preparations for the delivery. You know, like drying the load of clothes that had been in the washer for an indeterminate amount of time. Not that that ever happens, but yeah.

C got out the tape measure and started measuring the doorways, making sure everything would fit. This was when we discovered a major problem: the hole that we had left for the fridge was too small. Home Depot and their TERRIBLE crew had screwed up once again. We knew that we wanted this fridge when we designed the kitchen (it's the same fridge that we had in our old house), so we made sure to leave a hole of adequate dimension. However, with all of the issues with spacing and measuring, when all is said and done, it's now too small.

For reasons that are out of the realm of MY understanding, C is extremely calm about this. He's already got plans to shave off some cabinet overhang this weekend, so we should be able to get the fridge where it belongs in no time. In the meantime, it's in the living room. [From a lazy person's perspective, having a fridge in the living room is clutch.] His attitude really went a long way in helping me be calm about the situation.

Yeah, that's where the recliner usually lives.
Fast forward to this morning: delivery day. They showed up 3 minutes early (I love that), and we started getting things underway. About 10 minutes into the delivery, though, we discovered a problem. They had sent us 2 (mismatched) dryers, instead of a washer and a dryer. The delivery guys were super apologetic, and assured us that it would be delivered the same day that it came in. I don't know, maybe it's all my years of working retail, but this sort of thing just doesn't rile me up. Sure, Meagan is coming tomorrow to pick up my old washer and dryer, so who knows how long it'll be until I can do laundry, but whatever. Getting mad and stomping my feet about it isn't going to make it magically appear à la I Dream of Jeannie. So for now, we have a (SUPER NICE, btw) dryer. The laundry will have to wait.

It misses its friend. (Also, EWW to my floors!)
Yes, I could waste energy being mad about things that I can't change, or I could be grateful that I have the means at all to buy these super nice appliances and put them in my nice house. I choose to be grateful.

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  1. First of all... I am loving, loving, loving your attitude! :) Second of all. Even though I also have new appliances, yours are looking so fancy that I think I want to bring my laundry over to your house once the washer arrives! lol