Monday, December 23, 2013

12.23.13 - progress report

As promised, I'm no longer doing my weekly weigh-in. It was really focusing on the totally wrong thing, so I'm cutting it out. Case in point: I was completely useless last week, and weighed-in this morning at the same weight that I have for about a month now. Not indicative of anything. So I'm kicking it to the curb.

Last week I was pathetically useless. It started off with my failure to do my 4 mile walk/run on Sunday, and snowballed from there. I wanted to make it up on Monday, but I didn't. Then the rest of the week was spend in the recliner finishing my mom's shawl. I got it done Saturday night (thank FSM); I washed and blocked it Sunday morning and now it's all wrapped up!

Yesterday I was determined to get back on track, though. Although I never made it through my 4 mile run, I did 5 miles yesterday! There's a biiiiiiit of a discrepancy between my Nike+ watch and my treadmill, so I'm not entirely sure what to believe.

The gym is on a weird holiday schedule right now, so I'm not sure if I'll go in for classes or not. I will keep up with my running schedule this week, even if it is on odd days. It's going to happen!

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