Tuesday, December 3, 2013

cyber... tuesday?

This weekend has been kindof expensive. I cashed in on some ~50% off yarn deals on Black Friday, and on Sunday C and I bought a new washer, dryer, and refrigerator (Black Friday sale plus a 10% off coupon, thank you very much!). I peeked around yesterday to see if there was anything in particular that I "needed," but fortunately there was not.

I've been checking regularly on Amazon since last Monday (the beginning of their "Black Friday Deals Week") to see if the Nike+ SportWatch that I want went on sale. It's the most expensive item on my wishlist, and I figured if I could get someone a good deal on it, I'd do it. No such luck, though. For whatever reason, I decided today to look on Nike's website, even though it's not Cyber Monday anymore. They had the watches on clearance, with an extra 25% off clearance merchandise and free shipping. Sold!!! So the $170 watch turned into a $105 watch. Score.

Now I just need to not spend money for the rest of the month :) It shouldn't be TOO hard, since I already have all my Christmas gifts bought. Just have to be more mindful. And I may have another medium-sized expenditure coming at the beginning of January, although I'm not quite sure about that yet...

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