Monday, November 25, 2013

new year's goals

Seriously, how did it get to be that time of year again?? My friend Meagan suggested to me and Ashlye that the 3 of us make mileage goals for 2014. My goal is 365 miles. I figure if I can average a mile a day, I'll be doing AWESOMELY!

And to kick it off right, I just signed up for the Indianapolis 500 Festival Mini-Marathon (THE LARGEST HALF MARATHON IN THE COUNTRY--- said in my best radio announcer voice)!! Meagan will be too dead after running her first marathon the week before (go her!), but Ashlye and I are going to do it... hopefully mostly together! I set my time at 3:20, which would give me about a 15 minute/mile pace. That'll be pushing it for me, but I've got 5 months to train for it :)

It's silly, but watching this video of the course makes me excited. I just hope it's not too cold!!

If anyone wants to sign up for the Mini (and give me $5 toward my registration fee), use this link:

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