Thursday, November 28, 2013

drumstick dash 2013

Today was the Drumstick Dash! It wasn't quite what I hoped it would be (speed/amount of running-wise), but it was still fun. Good to hang out with my sister, and good exercise for me. LORDY was it cold though!!! Yeesh! Here's my day in pictures:

Waiting for the start outside Broad Ripple High School. We're festive in our tutus!
About 1.5 miles in. Just trying to get a view of the sheer number of people (~18,000!)
The 3-mile marker, just past the water station. Clearly the crowd had thinned out substantially.
The final results. Not great, but not terrible either. Definitely not last!! :)
My Nike+ map of the run
Haley and me post-run, back at home.
Yes, this is a picture of my foot and the giant blister that is my very first running injury! Look ma, I'm a runner! ;)
My stats for the day as of when we got home from the race. Not too shabby!!

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