Friday, November 22, 2013

why i love my husband

Just a regular conversation with my husband on a regular Friday afternoon. (p.s.- the start to this conversation comes out of nowhere, as you'll see)
C: The second website shows the science I was exposed to as a student in school. Now they're saying it isn't 100% accurate. Sometimes other genes interfere and the eye color isn't what you'd normally predict.
me: seriously, you're not helping with the fever :) i've spent at least an hour today working on my secret baby registry
C: It's not a secret. It's just a baby registry :)
me: well it's not public
hence it is secret ;)
me: the only person who's seen it is jayne. she embraces my crazy :)
C: It's not crazy Dear. We're planners.
me: this is why i love you the most
C: I dislike calling good behaviors "crazy" as much as you dislike the word "retarded".
me: some might argue the "goodness" of my behavior
C: Eh, that's ok.
me: good. i'm glad you think it's a good behavior
because i love it SO MUCH
C: If you still do it when you're 80 years old, then not so much...
me: well no. that would just be silly
C: That's cute. I'd add it to your Christmas list and make your mother buy it. BECAUSE SHE TOTALLY WOULD!
me: what if we don't have any boys?
C: Seems statistically improbable.
I'm actually a rare YY chromosome combination.
me: pretty sure that means you're not alive
me: or that your mom is a man?
hmmm... perhaps that's why i've never met her....
C: Mom was XXY. Rare, but possible.
Which makes me...
Or ManSquared
I haven't decided yet.
me: if she was XXY, that means she's not your mom
as those people are sterile
C: Most of those people are sterile...
me: they're also exclusively males
so back to how your mom's a man....
C: Doh. I should have claimed virgin birth or something.
me: wouldn't that make you a girl, since you'd only have girl pieces?
C: Worked for Jesus. Argument over.
me: damn. foiled again by jesus
C: Like a nuclear non-sequitur.
me: i'm dying laughing right now
C: I might trademark that last bit.
me: website with one sentence on it?
pretty lame, if you ask me ;)
C: Gotta get back to work TTYL
me: love you
C: Love you too. I'm glad we make each other laugh.
me: me too. we're lucky

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