Monday, November 11, 2013

home again, home again, jiggety-jig

C came home yesterday after almost 2 weeks of being gone. First he had a work conference, and then he flew to California to buy a motorcycle. [He sold his old motorcycle to do it, so it's Year of Austerity approved.] We've never been apart from each other for this long (well, we have, but that time *I* was the one out having fun), and it was not a good time for me. Especially since I was sick and had a puppy to take care of. Blargh. Oh well. He's home now, and I'm NEVER LETTING HIM LEAVE AGAIN. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Sometimes people you know and love surprise you though. Especially boyfriends/husbands and things that they say when they think you can't hear. C created a thread on his motorcycle forum to document his trip back from California, and here were a couple posts that took me off guard:

"803 miles today, from Limon, CO to Greenville, IL. I really wanted to make it home tonight, but the thought of our future children (still in the planning phase) made me play it safe. "
"Thanks to KernCountyKid (Trevor Ware) for the inspiration to go on this trip. For those folks who aren't familiar, Trevor was hit by a drunk driver, and I am trying to raise money for his recovery. Here is the link to his recovery fund: "
Sometimes he kills me with how sweet he is-- both to me and to people he doesn't even know.

I did end up going to the employee health clinic on Friday morning. I had an ear infection, as well as the bronchitis, so I got some medicine for that. On Saturday evening I started actually feeling human again. Hooray!! I didn't have to take any cough medicine at all on Sunday!

I just finished my first ball of yarn on the second shawl for my momma. This is what it looks like now. I'm still not entirely sure it's turning out the way it's supposed to, despite following the pattern. We'll see.

82 rows in

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