Wednesday, November 20, 2013

random musings

Things that I think about but don't warrant a post of their own:

1. There's floor on my floor! C has finally started putting down the floor in the nursery guest room. Oooooh... preeeeettttyyyy.... :)

2. I'm going to start Boot Camp classes here in a hot minute. Part of me is nervous, and part of me is excited. I'll dedicate an entire post to my first class... if I survive!!

3. I know I'm not supposed to weigh myself more than once a week, but I'm officially in the 180s now. 189.5 :) Hopefully it holds on until the next weigh-in day!!

4. I'm turning off the "weight loss goal" part of my Bodymedia tracker. Seriously, I've had about enough of its judgy attitude.

5. My husband is the best. Seriously. Even when he's had a terrible day, he comes home and always knows how to make me smile.
They're slow dancing. Hilarity.
6. I have great friends. Supportive and fun (click here for pictures from Saturday's fun-fest with Meagan and Ashlye). I am lucky to have them.


  1. The floor is going to look so pretty!!

  2. Hopefully I can join you in bootcamp post December moving. Way to stay on track!!