Tuesday, May 6, 2014

status: embarrassed face

Umm yeah, so it's the moment of truth. The results of the April Wallet Watch. Annnnnnndddddd....... the results are not that good. Oops?

So in case you've forgotten, these were my rules:

  1. The challenge lasts from March 27-April 26 (the cycle of my credit card).
  2. Do not spend more than $100 for C's anniversary gift.
  3. Balance on credit card at the end of the month cannot exceed $600.
    • Stretch goal: balance NTE $450
 And here are the results:

  1. Ok, yeah. #1 wasn't really anything to DO. So... good job me! (?)
  2. Victory! I bought him a sweatshirt and 2 tickets to the Grand Prix of Indianapolis, which was a grand total of $85.88.
  3. Total and complete fail. My ending balance was $880.42. That means that I'm on a total spending freeze for May. Apparently I do better when I'm not allowed to buy ANYTHING. Moderation is for the birds anyway.
So that's all! How did you all do?


  1. Sometimes I do better when I can't spend ANYTHING. Good luck in May!

  2. I do much better when it's a full on freeze, too! I failed this month with some retail therapy at Target. Thanks for linking up with Steph and me!

  3. haha I'm the same! I cannot handle limits like "only 1 coffee a week" or "only $10 on happy hour" It needs to be NO coffee, NO happy hour, otherwise I fail!