Thursday, March 27, 2014

dear marcie, you ain't got no money

After spending an offensive amount of money in February (after January's spending freeze), I've been a bit behind in my finances. So much so that I'm having to forgo my second student loan payment this month in order to catch up. [THE SHAME!]

Obviously, I'm really in need of Steph's April Wallet Watch link-up. Like, REALLY in need.

Life According to Steph

Since it's a create-your-own-rules kind of challenge, here are my rules:
  1. The challenge lasts from March 27-April 26 (the cycle of my credit card).
  2. Do not spend more than $100 for C's anniversary gift.
  3. Balance on credit card at the end of the month cannot exceed $600.
    • Stretch goal: balance NTE $450
Wish me luck!