Thursday, February 20, 2014

02.20.14 -- loan progress

Undergrad: $0
Law School: $40,250.32

You know what I hate? Having my loans on Direct Debit when the due date is on a weekend. They insist on telling me that my account is "past due" even though they're the ones responsible for taking the freaking money out of my account. Grr. Ok. Rant over.

Not much progress to report today... just continuing to chip away slowly. I've been having a bit of an emotional crisis lately, wishing I made more money so I could pay these off faster. C (who is terribly nice in almost all situations, unlike me) reminded me that even if I ended up paying them off a couple of months later than I had anticipated, what I'm doing is still really awesome and  better than most people are doing. So I'm hanging my hat on that for now, although I'm really wishing I would have been the Powerball winner last night.

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  1. law school is the devil and so are law school loans. I'm glad to be rid of those suckers. Good luck!!