Wednesday, February 19, 2014

random rant wednesday

I saw this linkup and felt compelled to join, because I've been feeling the need to rant about something for awhile now.

I'm a grammar nazi. There, I said it. And no one gets me like The Oatmeal. Seriously, I'm thinking about buying these posters and hanging them up in my office. I think my officemate will approve.

#1 pet peeve: The use of "literally." It makes me figuratively see red.

#2 pet peeve: Inappropriate apostrophes (note how I didn't write "apostrophe's")

Most offensive use of the inappropriate apostrophe? I's. THAT IS NOT A WORD! THE WORD IS MY. (Whew. I feel better now.)

Not really a pet peeve, but I do love Hyperbole and a Half's "alot" cartoon:

I feel much better now. Happy Wednesday all!


  1. I'm a grammar nazi too. I mentally correct blog posts while I'm reading them. I've never seen "I's" though!! Who thinks that's a word?!

    1. It's so awful. Usually in the context of something like "John and I's house." Shudder. IT'S "JOHN'S AND MY HOUSE!!" Look now what you've done... you've gotten me all riled up again!

  2. I am not a grammar nazi, but when people talk like they write... it drives me crazy!!!!! For example: "I tots LOL'ed" I HATE IT!

    Thanks for linking up :) Its every Wednesday

  3. Oh. YES. I's is the WORST. Actually, any misplaced apostrophes just drive me batty. I'm like... you really don't know the function of an apostrophe, do you?