Friday, February 14, 2014

#widn -- knitting edition

I realized the other day that I haven't written anything about knitting in awhile. Yes, I'm still making stuff over here. I don't think I ever have fewer than two projects on the needles at any time. I did have an active push there for awhile to finish a bunch of my WIPs, because it was freaking me out, but I'm back down to baseline now.

Here's what I've been working on lately (in a picture-heavy post):

I made this adorable Cat-in-the-Hat hat for a baby who can't get here soon enough:
Not perfect (I ran out of yarn), but still pretty cute
I made a cowl for Meagan for her birthday:

I think I like this one better than the one I made for myself!
I made a hat and a shawl for the wife of C's coworker who was just diagnosed with breast cancer:

I kindof want one for myself...

I still think shawls are silly, but this one is pretty nice.
I then made a new (removable!) shoepod cozy for my new running shoes:

I then attempted to make a really cool pair of socks. I failed and had to rip it out. I have faith that I can get it at some point though!!

Not pictured: the drama it took to get it ON my foot.
So what's next? Baby blankets! I've started on a blanket for Baby B (from a kit that I received all the way back on my birthday. FOR SHAME!) and I have a blanket planned for my good friend Jayne's little peanut who'll be meeting the world in May.

I love the rainbow. Seriously, I'm a sucker for rainbows.
That yarn's going to make such a snuggly blankie for Baby Mac!
I also have a kitchen towel that has been on the needles since this summer (oops). I'll get it done eventually!!!

Aww... I remember the summer.... :(
What I really need to do is learn how to knit faster. Hmm...

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  1. omg the cat in the hat one is adorable!! Such a good idea.