Monday, October 7, 2013

10.07.13 -- weigh-in

Big progress made this week. It's amazing what happens when you actually are aware of the food that you put into your mouth:

Start (08.17.13): 199 lbs.
Week 1 (08.24.13): 196.5 lbs.

Week 2 (09.02.13): 198 lbs.
Week 3 (09.09.13): 198.5 lbs.

Week 4 (09.16.13): 195.5 lbs.
Week 5 (09.23.13): 195.5 lbs.
Week 6 (09.30.13): 196.5 lbs.
Week 7 (10.07.13): 193.5 lbs.

One other thing that's been really eye-opening is the quantification of how little I move when I don't make a concerted effort to. That's been a really good thing about this armband. Thank you for turning me on to it, Ashlye!

Next up, C and I are thinking of getting a treadmill. Think good thoughts! :) Hopefully within the next few weeks I'll be back on track for my 52 pounds in 52 weeks goal!


  1. NICE WORK!! Wearing this armband and tracking food is seriously eye-opening. In the best way. Keep up the good work!!! :)

  2. Nice jump in pounds! Keep at it! I'll be joining you next week once I'm back from 4 days in Vegas!

  3. Nice job!! That is awesome. You are doing great so keep it up lady!