Monday, October 7, 2013

sick days

Last Tuesday was my birthday (hooray!), but last Wednesday-Friday I had an unfortunate case of gastroenteritis. I made it to work on Wednesday, but Wednesday night brought fever, aches, and chills, so no work for me on Thursday or Friday.

Despite having intermittently working internet (Comcast rage), I managed to catch up on How I Met Your Mother. Now I can watch it live tonight for the first time since the first season! I also got some knitting projects finished up.

Finished the tiny elephant for my friend's baby.

And I made 2 hats for the children of C's friends that we stayed with last weekend.

Grover enjoyed my sick days. He doesn't typically get to bask in the sun during the day.

On Saturday, my sister and my friends Ashlye and Meagan and I went to IKEA in Cincinnati. I got all the pillows, sheets, light fixtures, etc that I need for the nursery guest room. It was a fun day, if exhausting!!

Only the cart closest to the camera is mine. Lord we bought a lot of stuff though!
Back to work today, although I'm having a hard time getting in the groove. I'm sure the mexican food I'm about to have for lunch is NOT going to help with that :) Afternoon slump here I come!

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